Horseshoe Aussies

Ringo V is one our sires we are using here at the Johnson Ranch. His AKC registration is DN38321302. Below is his pedigree. We had his first litter from Tilli in January. Two Blue Merle and 1 Black-tri. Beautiful puppies went to new homes quickly. He is bred to Cami for April 17th puppies.

Butcho is another of our sires. AKC #DN42069602. With his lighter blue merle color we think he will have some outstanding looking pups when crossed with our solid females. And his piercing blue eyes will look great on any of his offspring. Had that first litter in January. 8 pups, 5 Blue Merle and 3 Black-tri. Outstanding big fella.

Horseshoe Chesterfield - 'Chess' is a puppy we kept out of Balli and Butcho. He will be trained to Rally and Herd and eventually will compete. For Sale at $1100