Horseshoe Tilli Chisolm is a wonderful mother. She is looking for her fourth litter the 20th of December 2017.

Horseshoe Dixie Shay -has had her first litter in early 2017. Looking for her second January 2018. Her puppies were super.

Horseshoe Aussies

Cinder. Is out of Balli and Buster. She will be kept with the intent of breeding her to Butcho.

Horseshoe Blatant Bridgette was added to our kennel in March. She is going to be a sweet girl and will undoubtedly have great puppies with Butcho.

Cami ​passed away this summer of 2017.

Balli. Is a young female we think is going to have some very cowy pups. She is a red-tri and has been bred to Butcho for mid January puppies. Keep an eye out for her delivery and pick out your cow dog. She loves to head out into the brush and always comes back with something new to chew on.

Cami is one of our foundation females. She is 5 years old and will be bred to Ringo. She has had several litters and one with Ringo previously. They were outstanding colored pups. Keep checking back for when she is bred and due.